The files below are free to download. Sergent Engineering makes no guarantee that they are suitable for your particular needs and it is up to you to determine that. Other than that, no strings attached. If you find you can 3D print your own couplers, more power to you. If you find you want to sell products you create from these files, you are free to do that without royalties on these designs. We encourage it! We invite you to share your experiences in using these files with the Sergent Engineering group.

These are the same files used to generate product sold by Sergent Engineering designed by Frank Sergent. The patent covering the Sergent Engineering locking mechanism expires at the end of 2019. Until that time, Sergent Engineering irrevocably grants all entities free and unlimited use of that patent.

A non-binding request is made that any literature describing commercial products based on this design claim origins in the Sergent design (and please don't misspell the name).

Included here are designs for the die cast couplers as well as the investment cast couplers. Sergent Engineering has made significant investments in tooling for the die cast couplers and encourages anyone interested in obtaining those die cast parts to contact Sergent Engineering rather than unnecessarily duplicating that exercise.

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