Installation Tips - Atlas 36' Wood Reefer

This model is a nice representation of an early reefer car. The car has lots of details. The car is a little bit of an oddball with both truss rods a steel (iron?) centersill. If anyone knows the prototype for this car, please email me. I'd be very interested in knowing what it is.

Here's our starting point. Start by using a small straight blade screwdriver to remove the trucks. Then remove the coupler screw with a small phillips screwdriver.
When the coupler screw is removed, the whole coupler box will come off. Here's what we are left with. Any time you see three holes like this for coupler mounting, you can install a narrow shank coupler. The coupler that just came off used the middle hole. The new narrow shank coupler will use the two holes on the ends.
It's very important to use the right screws to install the new coupler. The Atlas car comes with screws specifically for this purpose. These 0-80 X 7/32" screws have the proper diameter, length, and thread to fit the car. They are included in the little packet that has the optional hook-horn couplers in it. DO NOT use the screws that come with the EN87 couplers. Those screws have deep threads for use in plastic unlike the threaded screw holes in the metal floor of the Atlas car.
Screw on the Sergent Engineering couplers and replace the trucks.
Wow! That was easy.