Installation Tips - Atlas U30C

(installing compatible shank couplers)

This page outlines the general procedure for installing compatible shank couplers on typical models of diesel locomotives.

This Atlas model isn't really typical, because Atlas includes all the parts needed to install narrow shank couplers on this engine as well. If you are interested in how to install narrow shank couplers on the locomotive click here. Actually, you will find the look much better.

Here's the belly of the engine. This is pretty typical. The coupler is mounted in a plastic box. The box is screwed to the metal frame of the engine. Remove the mouning screw with a screwdriver and then slide the box/coupler out of the front of the engine.
Here is the box coupler removed from the engine. This engine was factory equipped with a two-part "scissor" type Accumate coupler.
The new coupler should be installed in the factory box using previously discussed techniques. All that is left to do is slide the coupler back in and replace the mounting screw. Too easy.