Installation Tips - Kato Passenger Cars
By long time Sergent Engineering customer Luis May

Sergent Engineering customers are a resourceful bunch. Luis May adapted our extended shank HT1R87A couplers (intended for Walthers lightweight passenger cars) to Kato cars. He was kind enough to document the process in a format similar to that provided for other installations. He says this modification improves both looks and performance of the cars and who are we to argue with that!

Start by removing the trucks and coupler boxes, but DON'T discard them. Drill a #54 hole a scale 4 1/2 feet foward of the truck bolster.
Open up the coupler box and shave off the coupler mounting bosses.
Glue the top plate to the car.

When the glue is dry, mount the HT1R87A coupler and spring with the supplied screw. The self-tapping screw will do all the work; just make sure the hold the spring in place to prevent "fly-aways"!

Snap the bottom of the coupler box in place.

Re-attach trucks and you're all set!

The coupler box is needed to keep the coupler at the right height; otherwise it will hang down quite a bit.The side-to-side swing of the Sergent in this application is about the same as the Kato coupler, so it will still travel smoothly around 24" curves. As a side note, the Kato Kinnematics will mate with the H's, but not that smoothly (or good-looking!).