Installation Tips - Roundhouse 36' Old Time Box / Reefer Car

Here's what I call a "fleet" car. It looks great from a distance of two feet or more. Just don't look too closely or it's lack of detail will become very evident. On the other hand, this car provides an excellent starting point to produce a more detailed model. It's design is sound and it's very typical of prototype cars during the era.

This conversion is simple provided you don't run in to the unexpected. I had three of these cars and ran into some major troubles on one of them because the floor was badly warped. What I did to resolve that problem will be shown on a separate page.

Here's the starting point - pretty typical really. Remove the truck and coupler lid to get started.
Previously discussed techniques are used to install the coupler over the friction spring. Here we are with the coupler installed and ready button up.
Here's the finished product. Total time to swap the couplers - maybe 5 minutes.