S Scale Items

Anybody that models in S scale deserves respect because there is very little commercially available to work with. Somehow the original Sergent Engineering S scale coupler became a legend in the few years that it was offered at the beginning of this century. The truth is that it wasn't that great, but the S scale community was very happy to have it and saddened when it went away.

The completely new and improved Sergent Engineering S scale couplers feature highly detailed castings. They are simple to assemble and they are reliable. No draft gear is provided.

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EC64K 4 Easy-to-Assemble AAR Type E Couplers with compatible shank. For assembly instructions go here. These coupler kits do not include draft gear. Compatible draft gear is available from Smoky Mountain Model Works. $14.00 Out of Stock

An MS uncoupling wand is required to operate the couplers. This wand is simply a custom made industrial strength magnetic rod which lifts the internal steel ball in the coupler allowing it to open. The wand has a wire attached to one end aid in aligning couplers in preparation for a tie as well. We don't recommend building your own uncoupling wand from magnets you may have lying around. Customers who have tried this have reported less than satisfactory results. A magnet that is too strong will prevent the couplers from later locking after uncoupling. A magnet that is too weak won't unlock the couplers reliably. Click here to see how to use the uncoupling wand.

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MS Local Uncoupling Tool $7.00 Stock Item

You'll probably want a couple of extra ball and spring packets, too. Even though Sergent Engineering will gladly replace these small parts at no charge if they happen to get lost during assembly, you might want them more quickly than we can send replacements. These are cheap and nice to have on hand.

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BP64 Spare Ball Bearing and Spring Pack $1.00 Stock Item